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Newsletter, November 2015

Our occasional newsletter has become even more occasional as we’ve been working hard on some brilliant projects and programmes, all designed to create business impact and social impact hand in hand. Here are a few quick highlights.


Three Hands Forum on Future Talent, September 2015

How do businesses attract and develop the talent of the future? How do they satisfy Millennials’ quest for purpose in the workplace? What is the role of business in helping young people to become ‘rounded and grounded’? And what’s the balance between business impact and social impact when it comes to embracing the future talent agenda?


British Land Community Day 2015

Click here for a link to a great write up of British Land’s Community Day 2015. This is the fourth consecutive year that we have had the opportunity to work with Jo Hammond and the team at British Land on Community Day and we are pleased to see the feedback from all involved gets stronger every year.


We're hiring!

We are looking for a new Project Manager to join the Three Hands team to help us deliver brilliant projects and programmes for clients and non-profits alike.


Innovation and the role of CSR

We believe that charities can be innovation partners for business, bringing untapped social insight to the development of products and services. In this article on 2degrees Jan explains more.


Newsletter, May 2015

One third of 2015 has already flown by – and what can we show for it? Quite a bit in fact, all based around our mantra of creating business value and social value hand in hand. Here are some highlights...


A new model for community investment

The four pillars model of CSR is no longer fit for purpose. Community engagement isn't the 'fourth pillar' or the 'nice to do' - it's a way to understand, engage in and act upon critical CSR and sustainability issues. It's about society, not neighbourhood and it's strategically relevant.


Ten years at Three Hands

Thanks to those who congratulated me on ten years at Three Hands. I must admit I was oblivious to this milestone, but the realisation that I’d put in a decade’s work to this venture got me into reflective mode, with three main thoughts to share.


Our 2014 Impact Report

We've run the numbers, done the surveys, interviewed the clients and talked to the charities - and the result is our 2014 Impact Report.


We're recruiting!

Project management skills… an understanding of community engagement and corporate responsibility… exposure to the voluntary sector… great communicator… wants to work in business and in communities… at least three years of relevant experience…


Newsletter, January 2015

A quick-read newsletter to let you know what kept us busy in the later stages of 2014 – and to inspire you for the early stages of 2015! Featured topics: a diversity learning programme; schools-based employability projects; community engagement for an SME; Business Connectors training; and 'business charity innovation' webinar.

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