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Team projects in India

14 Sep 2012

A quick post about some research we've been doing to uncover some fabulous community projects in India.

Why India? When it comes to overseas community/ CSR initiatives India is an obvious destination not only because of its importance as an emerging economy and its relevance to many UK companies, but also because of its acute social needs. That’s why we’ve been talking to Indian community organisations about the benefits a corporate team could bring to them.

But what’s in it for the company? A team project in India could help in areas such as:

Talent development - Develop future leaders through challenging and compelling experiences in a real environment;

Social impact and reputation - Make a positive social impact in a country where you are doing business, or where you are going to do business, with the associated reputational benefits;

Employee engagement - Reward high performing employees - or even your best volunteers - with a once in a lifetime overseas community project;

Cultural awareness - Equip a virtual team or group of employees with a deep experience and heightened awareness of working across cultures and borders.

We've unearthed projects in the areas of young people, education and employability that will realise benefits in these areas and more - and deliver much needed social impact. They could run over approximately 5 days. Here are the top line details: 

1. Partner: SOS Children’s Villages, an international NGO that builds “children’s villages” to provide a home and family life for orphaned and abandoned children, in over 120 countries.

Project: Devise and deliver a skills development programme for a Women’s Self Help Group, community groups that are being formed by women who want to take control of their own lives, save money and take financial responsibility.

2. Partner: Aseema, a Mumbai charity that enhances the curriculum in schools by placing teachers to deliver classes in ‘extra’ activities such as IT, theatre and art.

Project: Work on a strategy to support the continued growth and development of Aseema, while at the same time engaging with school pupils to put on an awareness-raising art exhibition in Mumbai.  

3. Partner: Magic Bus, a charity dedicated to harnessing the power of sports to develop the lives of children and young people across India’s marginalised communities.

Project: Design and deliver a leadership programme for Magic Bus’s Community Sports Coaches, who are youth volunteers from, and working in, marginalised communities – and often beneficiaries of Magic Bus

4. Partner: Pratham, India’s largest NGO working to provide quality education to underprivileged children across the country. Their flagship Read India programme has reached over 36m children so far.

Project: Provide job-relevant skills to groups of 17 to 25 year olds on vocational training programmes.

5. Partner: Project Crayons, an NGO working to empower marginalised communities in Mumbai and Mangalore through "HER" (Health, Education and Rights).

Project: Provide employability support to young women, from job interview techniques to entrepreneurship for micro-enterprises.

So, we hope this leaves you feeling suitably inspired! If you would like to find out more, or meet up to discuss possibilities, please just let us know.

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