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Skills development was the main driver for projects in 2012

31 Jan 2013

Skills development and leadership development were the main drivers behind Three Hands projects and programmes in 2012. That's one of the headlines from our 2012 impact report.

At Three Hands we believe in mutual benefit for businesses and communities. Call it win-win, creating shared value or enlightened self-interest, it’s what gets us out of bed. But never before have we summed up the impact on companies and communities of all the projects and programmes we’ve run in one year – until now.

15 businesses, 722 employees, 57 community organisations, 68 projects... but what did it mean for everyone involved? 'Our impact in 2012' reveals all.

A few highlights:

- Employability and education were the most popular social themes amongst business

- Skills development and leadership development were the main business drivers...

- ... and as such skills sharing and leadership projects accounted for over 75% of the types of projects we ran

- The most common benefits to charities were increasing levels of skills and confidence amongst beneficiaries and strategic input

There's more, including commentary on the trends we've seen, examples of projects, comments from participants from business, feedback from community organisations and wonderful examples of the longer term impact arising from projects and programmes, in the report. We hope it inspires you...



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