Want your millennials to learn?

Don’t leave them to their own devices

James Keen asks:

What makes a really powerful learning experience for us millennials? It’s when that experience makes a tangible difference and we have an emotional investment in it.

This summer I was delivering an employability workshop to students at London South Bank University when I asked them: “What is the first thing an employer looks for on your CV?” The unanimous response was “The education section – my degree”.

Wrong. It was a shock to them that in fact, the most important aspect for most hiring managers is meaningful experience. If millennials (like me) can show evidence of the right skills development through experiential learning – via projects, volunteering or work – they will be more attractive candidates than those who simply have the ‘right’ degrees.

Young people are not developing the business critical skills that companies need by the time they enter the workplace. Many UK businesses have to address shortfalls in functional skills among young recruits, with 41% reporting they have organised remedial training for at least some school or college leavers and 25% reporting the same for at least some graduates in the 2016/17 period. This is a positive response to the skills gap, but the way these skills are now learnt is the key.

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