What we do

We work with businesses to develop their people, partnerships and products in ways that benefit society.


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The solutions we devise often revolve around high impact, real-life projects and partnerships that address business needs and benefit communities. Helping people to think and act outside of the corporate walls is a highly effective way to develop leaders, attract talented employees, develop community programmes and innovate with new services.

We carry out research to identify the right community partners, we design creative programmes, we facilitate projects, we provide consultancy support and we evaluate the impact.

Our work is categorised in three broad areas, People, Citizenship and Innovation, but in reality there is overlap between these agendas – which is the beauty of our approach; we don’t look at CSR in isolation – instead we blur the boundaries between CSR, learning & development, recruitment and innovation, ensuring programmes and partnerships are strategically relevant from beginning to end.

In all of our work we’re happy to provide anything from an extra pair of hands to full blown expertise, and to be anything from trusted advisors to full-service delivery partners.

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