• We make meaningful, immersive connections between business and society, creating business value and social value hand in hand.

    What we do


Strategic community impact programmes that align with business purpose


Insight from charities and ‘lived experts’ to help businesses improve life for customers

“Three Hands understands what makes a truly impactful partnership and is never afraid to be bold.”

“One of the hallmarks of Three Hands’ approach is their tenacity and strategic focus; enabling us to make a real, targeted difference.”

“Leaders experienced a fully immersive learning programme like no other, resulting in positive social impact.”

Impact Report 2021

Our 2021 Impact Report is a summary of all the ways in which we created business value and social value over the course of the year.

Podcasts on customer vulnerability

A series of podcasts with charity experts, and people with lived experience, on topics that affect customers including mental health, dementia, and digital capability.

The Outside In Project is Back for 2022

Connecting people in business to the social and environmental issues that matter.

Who we work with