Future Leaders Programme

Developing leaders through strategic social impact projects

Balfour Beatty’s Future Leaders Programme aims to develop leadership skills amongst senior people on a range of topics, including performance, values and dealing with complex challenges.

We ran charity projects as part of the programme which gave the participants an opportunity to practise and apply these leadership skills in unfamiliar environments. Four teams worked closely with employability charities, supporting their leaders with strategic issues or opportunities.

At Suited for Success, a Birmingham-based charity that empowers unemployed men and women with job interview skills and clothing, the team supported the launch of their Employability Bus initiative through project planning, marketing and insight on social value. At Minstead Trust, a charity providing training and support for people with learning disabilities to find meaningful employment, the team produced a framework to help the charity develop its employer network.

Over the eight-month period, participants applied and developed leadership skills and experience to deliver targeted support and achieve important outcomes for the charities.

“The FLP has been a game changer, we’ve moved from being a grant funded charity to a self-funding sustainable community business. We knew what we were trying to achieve, but needed help in understanding how to deliver the opportunity – thank you!”

Brian Dawe, CEO of Safe Regeneration