Connected leadership in the betting industry

Stretching leadership skills while aligning to William Hill’s ‘Nobody Harmed’ by gambling vision

Four teams of leaders on William Hill’s ‘Rising Stars’ high potentials programme took on strategic challenges faced by gambling support organisations: GamCare, Gordon Moody, YGAM and Betknowmore – stretching their leadership skills while aligning to William Hill’s ‘Nobody Harmed’ by gambling vision.

The challenges included how to increase the number of problem gamblers in the UK who seek help, ensuring a support charity remains competitive and developing a new accredited training programme aimed at customer-facing colleagues in the gambling industry. Each project took participants out of their comfort zones and stretched their skills, while also giving them the opportunity to have a focused, positive impact on problem gamblers; making for a powerful learning experience.

Greater collaboration, engaging with external stakeholders, influencing outside usual spheres and self-awareness were the top behaviour changes achieved from the project work. Participants came face-to-face with ex-gambling addicts and gained a deeper understanding of gambling-related harm, which will be invaluable as they become leaders in their business and their industry.

“Our ambition is to develop our talent to equip them to lead in the ‘new world’… the charity projects became the undercurrent and a ‘glue’ to the talent programme.”

Paul Iredale, Group Head of Talent & Leadership Development, William Hill

“An incredible journey that puts into perspective the importance of mindful leadership in the fabric of our society. It teaches the importance of humility, compassion and perseverance in leading others through their struggles – at work, but more importantly, beyond work settings.”

Ciprian Negrilla, Head of Technology, William Hill (participant)

“It has been a fantastic experience to work alongside the charities as part of our leadership development and alongside Three Hands. It has brought real life issues into our learning and made it relevant. Our group have all developed our leadership skills and learnt so much around a very important topic (problem gambling) which we can take back into our roles at William Hill.”

Matt Worley, Head of Quality Assurance & Test Engineering (participant)