Vulnerable Customers

Understanding customers and learning from charities.

This project helped aimed to help Legal & General to identify customer vulnerabilities and ways of responding.

We undertook a major research project designed to create an understanding of the vulnerabilities that affect customers – including age-related issues such as dementia and isolation, long-term ill-health, bereavement and financial desperation – and the skills needed by customer-facing colleagues to support them.

Focus groups amongst Legal & General employees gave us an in-depth understanding of those vulnerabilities and a major survey amongst customer-facing staff then helped us to quantify the incidences and types of customer vulnerabilities.

From this we were able to provide Legal & General with invaluable insight into the social issues affecting some of their customers, with a view to learning from charities that exist to support such people.

The project was a significant step in their development of a vulnerable customer policy, which has already had a positive impact on the business, its customers and a selection of charity partners.

“Legal & General’s customers typically take out our products when they are least vulnerable, for when they are most vulnerable. Life and Home Insurance, Pensions and Savings products provide our customers with financial safety nets. Customers’ lives change and our service is ultimately judged on our ability to support and empathise with customers in their time of need.

“Three Hands have helped us to understand the gaps between our customers’ vulnerabilities and our employees’ experience and understanding of those vulnerabilities. This has enabled us to identify the need to glean support from charities that can help us bring to life real life issues such flooding, cancer and later life loneliness. The end result is better, more empathetic service.”

Graham Precey, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Ethics, Legal & General Group