Ten years at Three Hands

Thanks to those who congratulated me on ten years at Three Hands. I must admit I was oblivious to this milestone, but the realisation that I’d put a decade’s work into this venture got me into reflective mode, with three main thoughts to share.

First, we’re playing the long game – as any venture that intends to be sustainable should do. We’ve grown slowly, organically and modestly, but surely. I like to think of it as the antidote to the short-termist, shareholder driven approach.

Second, you can’t stick at something for this long without a strong sense of purpose. Businesses have their values; we have one strong guiding principle that has stuck from day one – to create value for business and for society hand in hand. It’s a powerful guider.

Third, you can’t do much without great people around you. Three Hands has a small but exceptional team, and we work with fabulous corporates and non-profits alike. I am constantly wowed by the talent on this team and the calibre of the organisations we work with.

So what’s next? More of the same of course, plus new ways to create mutual benefit – maybe even another ten year’s worth I’d say!

Jan Levy, April 2015

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