Employee Volunteering Research

When the new Government came to power in May 2015, offering 3 days of volunteering a year for every employee of a large organisation, our first thought was: “Fantastic! More support for charities, and great experiences for volunteers”, a very close second was: “But what will this really mean for charities?”.

However exciting such an increase in employee volunteering sounds, our experience has shown us that it isn’t always so straightforward. We set out to better understand both the benefits of hosting employee volunteers, and the challenges which charities may face in doing so. Last summer we surveyed over 100 charities, and conducted in-depth interviews with a small selection of them. Our report highlights some of the key findings of this research, including:

  • How satisfied are charities with employee volunteering?
  • What support do charities most want from employee volunteers?
  • How can businesses ensure that volunteering is as useful as possible to charity partners?

Here’s the report. We hope it’s useful – and if you want to talk about your employee volunteering, you know where we are.

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