Three Hands Insight launches today!

We’re launching a way for businesses to gain first-hand insight on vulnerable and underserved customers – and to innovate with empathy


For over 15 years we’ve worked in the space between businesses and non-profits, and we’ve seen how much expertise there is in the third sector on issues of real relevance to business.

Whether it is the 50% of adults that show a sign of financial vulnerability, the 79% of digitally excluded people over 65 or the 15 million people in the UK living with a long term health problem, charities understand how these vulnerabilities can change a person’s experience of products or services.

Now we’re tapping into that expertise to allow businesses to learn about and do a better job for people affected by issues like these.

At today’s launch we’ll hear case studies of some of the work we’ve already done in this area:  Jennifer Gilchrist, Protection Specialist at Royal London, will talk about the value of working with cancer support charity Maggie’s to inform the development of life insurance propositions; Dorothy Liviabella, Head of Vulnerable Customer Strategy at Santander,  will share the learning from a programme with Open Age to understand older people’s views on digital banking; and Giulia Ajello, Head of Customer Office at M&G Prudential will discuss their work with Citizen’s Advice Edinburgh focused on getting to the heart of issues around people cashing in their pensions at the age of 55.

We’re also getting our first People Panel off the ground. In partnership with OpenAge we’re developing a ‘pop-up’ panel of older people who are on hand over a period of time to a particular business to help test and innovate a product or concept.

To learn more please just get in touch with Jan via the contact form.






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