Newsletter, August 2019

Our occasional newsletter is a brief update on how we’ve been pursuing our purpose to create business value and social value hand in hand. Here’s one big highlight from each of our three areas of focus– social insight, leadership development and citizenship.


First up is the very exciting launch of Three Hands Insight, which helps businesses to gain first-hand insight on vulnerable customers and underserved markets and to innovate with empathy – all by tapping into the expertise of non-profits and the ‘lived experience’ of the people they support.

The launch event (short report here) brought together people in customer insight, customer experience, product development, vulnerable customers and corporate responsibility. They heard from M&GPrudential, Santander and Royal London about how they had developed new ideas and solutions with insight gained working with charities (the case studies are here). In partnership with the charity Open Age we also introduced a new ‘older people panel’ for testing and validating products – more detail here.

Please do take a look around the new Three Hands Insight website to learn more about this highly distinctive way of insight gathering and innovating.


Moving to our leadership and talent development strand, we’ve loved working with ten future leaders on BNP Paribas Real Estate’s ‘LEAD’ programme. To help them develop what we call connected leadership skills, we tasked them to devise ways in which the business could bring to life its purpose statement, for the benefit of colleagues and customers. The results focused on mental wellbeing and sustainable transport. You can find out more in the case study.


Finally, to our Citizenship work, where we’ve been supporting Centrica and Carers UK to develop their inspiring partnership, which aims to transform the lives of carers across the country. It’s been exciting to be on the journey for the past few months, helping to build the foundations of the partnership at the beginning and more recently developing new skilled volunteering activities and a toolkit for those leading the work in their many locations across the country. There’s more in the case study here.


One last thing to mention – we’ll soon be starting the recruitment of a lead for Three Hands Insight, as well as a paid 12 week autumn intern. Here is a link to information on the internship; if you know of anyone who would like to break into the worlds of CSR, sustainability and learning & development please feel free to pass it on.

Please get in touch if any of this inspires or intrigues you.


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