Getting strategic business charity partnerships right

We brought together people from Royal London, Santander and Nationwide, and their respective charity partners – Turn2us, Alzheimer’s Society and Shelter – to discuss what makes a partnership truly strategic and the keys to making partnerships really effective.

Our brilliant speakers did a stellar job of bringing their partnerships to life, discussing…

  • The evolution from traditional fundraising partnerships to sophisticated strategic partnerships and how for some that is in itself a journey
  • Why traditional fundraising partnerships are ok if that’s what your business wants!
  • How strategic partnerships tap into each organisations’ existing strategic objectives and overlapping objectives, specifically in these cases:

– Royal London and Turn2us’ shared focus on financial health
– Santander and Alzheimer’s Society’s concerns about financial inclusion
– Nationwide and Shelter’s commitment to the issue of housing

  • The openness, honesty and transparency needed between partners to overcome barriers and make an impact
  • The level of resource required to make partnership activities happen; it’s a serious commitment
  • What they have created together that neither organisation could have done alone, such as Shelter’s new community service focused on preventing homelessness and Santander’s new Carers Card for customers who need some help
  • The link to product and service design and how insight from the partnership can help to understand customer need
  • The power dynamics between businesses and charities and how hard it is to create true balance when money is involved
  • The importance of CEO engagement in both organisations

You can watch a recording of the session here and of the breakout sessions here and here.

And if you’d like to know more about strategic business charity partnerships, please contact us.



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