Impact Report 2021

Despite all the challenges of 2021 we were kept very busy with a whole range of projects that brought together businesses and non-profits in super interesting and mutually beneficial ways – in the virtual world to boot. Our Social Insight work was a big feature throughout.

Our 2021 Impact Report is a summary of all the ways in which we created business value and social value over the course of the year. There is data from our leadership & talent work, showing the ways in which participants developed their skills and behaviours. There are case studies from across all three strands of work – Leadership & Talent, Community Impact and Social Insight – and there is a summary of how charities benefited throughout.

Two years ago we would never have imagined that almost all of this could be done in the virtual world – but it was, and we’re grateful to all of the businesses and charities that embraced the new way of working. Here is the report:

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